Stranger Safety and Womenís Self Defense Classes
Awareness, Protection, Empowerment
Jay Charness, E.D.

Stranger/Predator Awareness and Safety

Stranger/Predator awareness and safety is not about teaching kids to be scared! Let me repeat this very important sentence, it is NOT about teaching kids to be scared! Rather, it is about teaching kids to be very careful. In todayís society, it is very important to understand where the danger may come from and than to be aware of these potential dangers when parents or guardians are not around.

Most people equate "stranger safety" to avoiding abductions. This is only one element in the education process. These classes are about keeping kids safe from any kind of harm that a stranger (or someone they may even know) might to do them. This could include, but is not limited to, abductions, inappropriate "attention", etc.

Our classes are all about covering as much information as possible. We do this in order for us to feel that our children will be well enough equipped to recognize a dangerous situation. Additionally, it is our hope that by educating and developing our kidís natural instincts, they will be able to either avoid these situations or get out of them safely if confronted by such danger.

Each presentation is about two things and two things only. First, it is about exposure. Our job is to expose the child and parents to as much (updated) information as possible. There is a lot of information and most of it is covered very quickly in the course of the presentation. Second, is about persistency and consistency. These classes are not magical! Once a child and parent are armed with the information, it is up to the individual families to persistently and consistently go over this information. As they say, "repetition is the mother of all success". The key is to educate your children enough so they will be able to react in a dangerous situation. If ever presented with one of these situations, the worst thing to do is nothing. Bringing unwanted attention, to a potential attacker, may create just enough time to get away unharmed.

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