Stranger Safety and Womenís Self Defense Classes
Awareness, Protection, Empowerment
Jay Charness, E.D.

Class Types for Kids / Parents

There are three different classes that are presented by A.P.E. for kids ages 3 - 17. Classes can be presented to kids, parents or kids and parents together. A.P.E. does presentations for groups ranging in sizes from 5 people to 500 people (no group is too small or too large).

Presentations can and have been given to all Schools, PTSA Groups, Recreation Centers, Businesses that cater to kids or any group or organization interested in helping to keep kids safe from Strangers.

There are three different class types and levels:

    A.P.E.ís Basic Class:
    This is a good introductory and refresher course for kids typically from ages 3 - 12. It would cover a broad range of topics including: defining a "Stranger", "Lures", Role Playing, distancing, what to yell, "Going Bananas", "Code Words" and communication.

    A.P.E.ís Advanced Class:
    This class is for kids ages 10-17 and covers topics including: advanced "Lures", Internet Safety, Self Defense, Role Playing, "Code Words" and communication.

    "Child Escape Tactics":
    The first and most important counter move if attacked or threatened is to "run like the wind" (and bring attention to the situation). If running away is not immediately an option, you may need to know how to get out of a situation "physically." This class goes over ways to specifically get out of danger if a child is grabbed, picked up, put in a car, etc. Because of the physical nature of this class, it is only given to both kids and parents together. This class is presented to all kids ages 5 - 12.

All classes can be catered to different audiences and a member of A.P.E. will consult with the group prior to the presentation. All presentations are also very interactive with both child and parent participation.