Stranger Safety and Women’s Self Defense Classes
Awareness, Protection, Empowerment
Jay Charness, E.D.

Women's Self Defense Class

"Avoiding Predators Everyday" is not just about kids safety or stranger safety. A predator can be anyone (that we know or don't know) that is trying to harm us. This threat may not only be directed at our kids, but Women may also fall prey to one of these attacks. A.P.E. is proud to present its class on Women's Self Defense (targeting females ages 12 - 105). This class is a very physical introduction to Women's Self Defense. When either trying to avoid an attack or dealing with an attacker, awareness and reaction are most important. We start by discussing the importance of staying aware and being "smart" on the street and at home. We will than teach the basic strikes necessary to fend off an attacker. At this point, the instructor puts on a full padded body suit which enables the participants to land real strikes. Finally, we spend most of the class role playing some different type of attacks that Women may face from a predator. The only way to truly learn how to defend yourself is by experiencing what it feels like to land a strike and attack an attacker. In this class, you get that chance and more. This class is for any Woman who is interested in becoming more empowered and more confident if ever faced with this danger. This is a full two hour class and because of the participation requirements, we try to keep the class size at 15 Women or less. This class is perfect to bring into your Businesses, Churches, Mom's Groups and is a great "Mother/Daughter" class (just to name a few target groups). It is also something that every High School and College women should try and attend.

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