Stranger Safety and Women’s Self Defense Classes
Awareness, Protection, Empowerment
Jay Charness, E.D.

Meet the Presenter

All classes and workshops are conducted by Jay Charness. Jay has been working with kids on Stranger Awareness and Women's Self Defense for over 10 years. Jay has a Black Belt in Tang Soo Do and worked closely with kids during his training on not only how to avoid problems but also what to do in case of an attack. Jay is also certified through the "Kids Safe Network" as a Level 2 Agent (this is the highest of available certifications) to teach kids on this subject. This subject became a passion of Jay’s when he saw first hand a potential attack of a student from his Karate Studio. Luckily, because of proper training, the child escaped the situation unharmed. It became very apparent, that day, the only true way of keeping our kids safe is by exposing them (and their parents) to this subject and educating them both as best as possible.