Stranger Safety and Women’s Self Defense Classes
Awareness, Protection, Empowerment
Jay Charness, E.D.

Minimal Charge for Classes

This organization was established to help kids, parents and the community. A.P.E. Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that prides itself in giving back to Denver and all of Colorado. A.P.E. is very unique in that we understand the importance of including adults in these presentations. By teaching parents the information and how to teach the information, they can go home and consistently work on keeping their kids safe. This subject is something that both kids and parents should be exposed to on a yearly basis (especially through Junior High). Because of the need and importance of this subject, A.P.E. Inc. charges only a minimal amount for these services/classes (fees start at $200.00 per class (the fee could go up depending on size of the group) to cover necessary resources and time). The charge is minimal to the organization in order to make it easy and accessible for everyone to attend. A.P.E. does offer limited discount rates to groups that qualify (please call to discuss your group and one of these "scholarships"). Additionally we really appreciate any donations and support from both individuals and the community.

Please contact us today to determine which class is best for your group and to schedule something immediately.